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In 2004, with a room full of individuals from all over the world, Aryana Solh received her first taste of Breath-work.  Not only did she feel currents of energy streaming throughout every cell of her body, but simply ‘hearing people breathe’ was so intimate that it cut thru any ideas her mind could possibly create about it.  With each inhalation, poured in, caressing areas of fear, with each exhalation, was met with presence and dissolved.  Salty tears of love and sadness flowed freely, sending a direct message to surrender everything, revealing vast space and a clean, open heart that had always been there.  Aryana was deeply touched by this experience and realized that 'breathing together' is an essential part of healing the wounds in our humanity and recovering our sense of wholeness and connection to life. 

In 2005, Aryana completed her level 5 training as a Transformational Breath Facilitator with Dr. Judith Kravitz.  Aryana has since had the honor of seeing hundreds of lives through the simple act of breathing.  She has worked with individuals, families, health care providers and their patients.  Aryana has given experiential workshops and presentations on breath-work at wellness centers and educational institutions throughout the U.S. including The Foundation for Natural Living and The Evergreen State College in Olympia. 
“One of the best things about eating raw is that you can trust every bite."
~Aryana Solh

 Ten years ago, taken by the simple, sacred brilliance of eating foods ‘ripened to perfection by the Sun’ Aryana dove into the world of RAW and living foods.   

The raw food diet itself is like undergoing a gentle cleanse.  During the first two years, as old ways of being and eating were brought to awareness, Aryana recalls moving through layers of fear, food addiction and unconscious beliefs around love and how we nourish ourselves.  Still, the delicious, positive benefits of eating Raw shined on: increased energy, inspiration, heightened intuition, a sense of connection to all life and a vibrant ‘glow.’  At home in her kitchen, Aryana was also happily surprised to discover that she had the ability to create Raw meals that balanced color, flavor, texture fun in ‘finger, plate, bowl-licking good ways!’  You can imagine the reaction of family and friends.  Many people around Aryana at that time found themselves spontaneously ‘going raw’ including her Yogi father, Dr. Siri Gian Singh Khalsa (, who had been eating a vegetarian diet for over 20 years. She realized that great FUN and healing becomes available to us when we eat foods from the Mother Earth.

 Aryana began giving presentations on ‘The Benefits of Living Foods,’ and teaching hands-on Live Food Preparation Classes at Whole Foods and health centers throughout the country.  She also worked at several cutting-edge Raw Restaurants including Roxanne's and Cafe Gratitude; located in the San Francisco Bay area.  Aryana's recipes are featured in 'The Complete Book of Raw Food' and ‘The Green Smoothie Challenge’ and she is currently working on her own book, ‘Wisdom Food: Raw Recipes for a New World.’ 

Call it too much candy- or too many lifetimes as a whirling dervish, as a child Aryana could often be found dancing and spinning in circles in the living room for hours.
Aryana is inspired by the fact that ALL LIFE is constantly in motion, ever-changing, ever-new, nothing remains stagnant.  In fact where there is ‘stuck-ness,’ physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease may follow.  It might be corny, but it’s true ‘If you don’t move it- you lose it.”  Not only is dance one of the healthiest forms of exercise it’s also incredibly fun.  Through we can literally move thru anxiety and depression, increase our capacity to be with our joy and our pain.  Whether you’re into tai chi, jogging, yoga or basketball, moving the body freely encourages deep breathing and reveals that too often remains hidden in daily life.  Although Aryana has enjoyed studying various forms including Flamenco, Salsa, West African, and East Indian Classical dance styles, Adjani favors what she calls ‘riding the mystery.’ Riding the mystery is dancing without any rules or agenda: simply feel and move, move and feel- that’s it.  
“The most effective way to realize a healthy, happy planet is if each of us takes full responsibility for giving ourselves the food of self-love.  When we feel nourished, we can perceive the gift of who we are and we become available to offer that gift to the world.” ~Aryana Solh
Aryana has practiced yoga most of her life and completed her first yoga teacher training in Kundalini Yoga at the age of 17 with her father, Dr. Siri Gian Singh Khalsa, (  A few years later, she completed a second training in Iyengar based Yoga with Lex Gillan, founder of The Yoga Institute of Houston.  She enjoys teaching people of all ages and experience levels and is especially skilled at linking breath with movement, guiding students to move with presence and breathe into relaxation and surrender. 

Aryana with her father
Siri Gian Singh Khalsa (left)

The desire to know the Truth has always been at the forefront for Aryana. At the age of 11, this desire led her to one of her greatest teachers and mentors.
Don Miguel Ruiz, a Toltec shaman healer from Mexico began teaching a small, dedicated group of individuals the Art of personal freedom and transformation. 
Maya and don Miguel Ruiz 
Although Miguel had never shared his teachings with children before (or since), Aryana showed a deep calling and Miguel chose to make an exception. Over the next 12 years, she apprenticed closely with Miguel as he guided her through an intensive education and initiation into the Toltec mysteries, a path of personal freedom and transformation.  Ruiz went on to write ‘The Four Agreements' and 'The Mastery of Love’ (  
For three years, Aryana volunteered in a women’s prison near Seattle, WA where she offered a weekly ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ class which included gentle yoga and teachings from ‘The Four Agreements.’ Aryana has also dived deeply into the work of Adyashanti and continues to receive great benefit from his wisdom (  Aryana shares her passion for life and insight in ‘The Yantra Deck: The Art of Being Present’ which she co-authored ( 

Aryana Adjani brings ten years of experience with the Raw foods lifestyle, eight years of experience facilitating breath-work with hundreds of individuals and groups and her life-long practice and training in Yoga, meditation and self-inquiry to her dynamic retreats and seminars.
Breathe Eat Dance Evolve (BEDE)
In 2006, Aryana created Breathe Eat Dance Evolve.  The mission of BEDE is to offer a sacred environment where people can individually and collectively experience a new way of living and breathing in a state of wholeness and self-love.  BEDE is an invitation to breathe and heal, to learn how to prepare and eat foods that deliver vital nourishment, to remember how loved you are and to dance in celebration.

BEDE is based on the principle that ‘the microcosm affects the macrocosm.’  Transforming the way we breathe, eat and move daily causes a 'ripple effect' and thus spreads positive change throughout every cell of our bodies and thus every area of our lives.